Panel Fencing

Easily Affordable

A neat and tidy way to designate your boundary

Panel fencing is probably the most traditional, easily affordable type of garden fence associated with a domestic dwelling.

Whether you require a fence for privacy, security or to create shade, then a quality panel fence installed by West Sussex Fencing will be a durable, cost-effective solution.

Panel fencing is a neat and tidy way to designate your boundary, close off your private space and add

security to your home.


We can supply a number of different sized fence panels with a number of finishes including overlap and feathered edge panels. These are usually fixed between sturdy concrete posts which add to the durability of your garden fence.

Pressure treated timber is used in the construction of our garden fence panels. This can then be stained, treated or painted with fence paint.

Panel fences supplied by West Sussex Fencing can be supplied with or without trellis.

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